Diversity Minecraft

Welcoming server for all

Rules 2014-07

  1. No griefing is allowed! This includes raiding/stealing items from chests and killing mobs. Players caught griefing will be jailed or banned accordingly.
  2. PVP is disabled, however there are still ways of getting around this and damaging other players. If you are caught lighting others on fire or throwing harmful potions at them, you will be jailed. Keep PVP to the designated arenas please
  3. No flaming, hate speech, discrimination – we are a very diverse server. Although a bit of light joking is accepted, anything excessive will not be tolerated.
  4. Do not build anything (ie. symbols) that could be seen as offensive by someone else.
  5. No client modifications are allowed to be used. Only Rei’s Minimap, OptiFine and any mods that adjust the appearance of Minecraft are to be used.
  6. Do not ask for higher a promotion, Moderators will promote you as they see fit. Please read the FAQ if you want to know how to be promoted.
  7. Don’t be an asshole, show respect to other players, don’t mock anyone and be supportive of any disabilities one might have.
  8. Do not harass other players in any way.
  9. Respect other people’s builds, do not build nearby others. Ask first before building near someone’s town or house.
  10. No spamming the chat, players who spam will be muted.