Diversity Minecraft

Welcoming server for all

Servers Overview


Connect: smp.diversitymc.net

Where it all began, the SMP (Survival Multiplayer) server is our most popular. Boasting an infinite world that never resets, you can find somewhere to build knowing your creation is going to be safe. SMP is packed full of features: warp hub, Ores worlds, shop hub, public farms, and more!


Connect: vanilla.diversitymc.net

Want a more authentic Minecraft experience? The world usually gets reset every major update, this gives players a chance to play on the latest updates when SMP can sometimes take a while to upgrade. Since the Vanilla server offers no plugins, there’s no way to keep your builds safe. Enter at your own risk.Vanilla is restricted to players Level 4+ (24+ hours of playtime)

BentoBox (Skyblock)

Connect to the server hub and enter the BentoBox portal.

A pretty standard Skyblock server with a couple modes. Restricted to players that are Level 2+ (6+ hours of playtime)


Connect: creative.diversitymc.net

Not into playing Survival? Create a plot on the Creative server and build whatever you want! Plots are fully protected unless you trust another player in your plot. Creative is restricted to players Level 4+ (24+ hours of playtime)


Connect: event.diversitymc.net

Sometimes we hold events on Diversity to bring the community together. Some events will take place on the Event server, usually build competitions. Keep an eye out on our Forum for news about future events.