Diversity Minecraft

Welcoming server for all

Rules 2014-08

  1. No griefing is allowed! This includes raiding and stealing things not yours. Offenders will be jailed or banned accordingly.
  2. No PVP. PVP is disabled by default, but getting around this is possible so please don’t try to kill other players.
  3. No discrimination. Hate speech will not be tolerated. We have people of all kinds here, please be respectful to others.
  4. No client hacks. We’ll only allow certain mods like OptiFine and mini map mods. Any other mods are not allowed.
  5. Respect peoples builds. Please don’t build to close to others without their permission. You may be asked to move elsewhere.
  6. Do not hassle the staff. We’re here to help, but if you ask too many stupid questions you will be ignored.
  7. Respect other players. Please show respect to everyone else on the server. Disrespect won’t be tolerated and you’ll be banned quickly.
  8. No spam. Spamming the chat console with useless garbage will result in being muted and a possible ban.
  9. Do not anti-AFK. Ranking up is based on time played on the server, if you use any form of anti-AFK methods you will be banned.
  10. No penises. It’s sad that this is a rule, but don’t build giant penises. Seriously.
  11. Have fun. 🙂 If you agree to these rules then type: ‘…’. Telling others the command is also against the rules.