Diversity Minecraft

Welcoming server for all

Rules 2019-03

Rule 1
Respect everyone

Mutual respect between people is what keeps Diversity a great place to play. Please remember that our server has people from many different backgrounds, cultures, political affiliations, religions, ages, genders, sexualities, and so on. You do not have to like or agree with everyone, but you do need to respect them. We will not tolerate people who are racist, sexist, homophobic, or have any other bigoted behaviour.

  1. Do not insult other people (no name calling, or swearing at each other).
  2. Do not use hate speech or deliberately try to be offensive.
  3. Do not use signs or other messages to disrespect other people.
  4. If someone asks you to stop something, you must stop it immediately.
  5. If anyone deems your username offensive, depending on the nature of the name you may be asked to change the username. If you do not comply or if you must wait until you can change your name, you will be given a new nickname in-game.

Rule 2
No griefing or stealing from anyone

While we encourage everyone to claim their property, it is possible you may come across something that is unclaimed. Under NO circumstances are you able to modify or take anyone’s property (blocks or items) without their permission. Failure to obey this rule will result in jail time or an immediate ban, depending on the severity of the crime.

  1. Do not take anything that does not belong to you (public farms are fair game).
  2. Do not raid or grief unclaimed builds.
  3. If you discover someone has done something to you, report it to staff immediately; do not attempt to fix it yourself.
  4. Do not grief or steal from players in revenge. You will be punished for retaliatory actions.
  5. Pranks are not allowed.
  6. Griefing in the Vanilla server will result in a permanent ban from the Diversity network.

Rule 3
Don’t abuse the chat system

Chat is rated 18+ so you are free to speak about a variety of subjects, within reason. We have many rules regarding the chat system, so please make sure you comply with them all. Breaking any chat rules may result in a temporary mute or a ban from the network. All chat rules apply to every platform (e.g. in game, Discord, forum).

  1. You must only speak English in public chat.
  2. Avoid typing in different formatted font, including all capitals, bold, coloured and T E X T L I K E T H I S.
  3. Do not use the chat to advertise, this includes other servers and YouTube channels.
  4. Do not spam the chat: this includes sending frequent short messages, spamming /afk and frequent server change updates (going on/offline, switching servers). If you are lower than Level 5, you will be at the mercy of the spam bot.
  5. Do not use chat to beg other people for anything: this includes asking for items, teleport requests, and staff permissions.
  6. Do not use chat to insult other people (see rule 1A).
  7. Do not use hate speech in chat (see rule 1B).
  8. Use of swear words is allowed, but they must not be used excessively or towards any other player or staff member.
  9. Excessive use of memes is discouraged. Inappropriate memes (e.g. memes with subjects that are against our rules) will not be tolerated.
  10. No political talk. This includes government, religion and identity. We have a Discord channel where you can vent about politics in a civil manner.
  11. Do not cause public drama with other people. Please try to resolve your issues in private.
  12. Avoid using Discord emojis if you are in the #diversity-chat channels.
  13. Do not complain about lag.

Rule 4
No PVP except in designated areas or PVP servers

Player versus player (PVP) means players attacking other players. While this mode is turned off on most of our servers, there are still some places where players can fight other players. We have some rules about PVP etiquette, so please make sure you follow them.

  1. Unless you are playing on a PVP server or in a PVP zone, PVP is not allowed on Diversity.
  2. Any attempts to kill other players without consent will not be tolerated.
  3. TNT, lava, pushing, traps, negative splash potions etc. are all forms of PVP; do not use them against other players.
  4. Pranks of any kind are also not allowed (see rule 2E).
  5. Do not spawn kill while in PVP areas.
  6. Unless agreed upon, do not take any player’s items after they have been killed.

Rule 5
Anti-AFK is not allowed

Away from keyboard (AFK) is a term used to say that you are away from the game. Diversity automatically places you in AFK mode after 5 minutes of inactivity to stop your time from increasing. Anti-AFK means you are actively trying to stop the system from making you go AFK when you aren’t playing the game. Going AFK is fine, as long as you remain in AFK mode until you return to play.

  1. Do not create mechanisms that keep you from going AFK automatically, this includes running water contraptions, fish farms, rail loops, etc. If you build something (e.g. a farm) and it brings you out of /afk while you are using it, then it is not allowed.
  2. Any attempt at anti-AFK will result in an instant ban; the length of the ban is up to the staff member handling the case.

Rule 6
No unfair client mods, cheating or server exploits

Client mods are modifications made to your Minecraft game, the most popular modding system being Forge. Diversity allows players to use mods that only affect aesthetics or performance of the core Minecraft game, e.g. Optifine, shader mods, resource packs, HUD (heads-up display) mods, and mapping mods. Cheating can include any behaviour that puts other players at a disadvantage, e.g. flying, x-ray, kill aura, etc. Server exploits include server glitches like duplicating items or anything that harms server performance; this includes excessive redstone loops and large farms with lots of entities (mobs/animals). Please ask a staff member if you are not sure about using a mod.

  1. Any client mods that give you an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed and you will be banned until you remove them from your client.
  2. Only mods that give aesthetic improvements can be used, such as Optifine, mapping mods, mods that give more information about your inventory, etc.
  3. We do NOT allow x-ray mods, flight and other movement type mods, PVP mods, building mods.
  4. Server exploits are not allowed; this includes (but isn’t limited to) item duplicators, large entity farms, overuse of redstone clocks and DDOS attacks.

Rule 7
Respect the staff members

As with Rule 1, you must respect everyone, this includes treating the staff team with respect, also. Staff are players with the Helper, Moderator or Admin tags after their name. Disrespect towards a staff member will not be treated lightly.

  1. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, you must stop immediately.
  2. Do not abuse or disrespect staff in chat.
  3. If you are in need of assistance, you should ask a Helper first. Helpers may refer you higher up the chain of staff if they are unable to assist.
  4. Staff are NOT here to help you mine, destroy your builds, or give you things. If they assist you in anything like that, it is not part of their official duties.
  5. Do not “out” staff. Some staff like to be invisible while they are online so they can either play or do server business in peace. Calling a staff member out when they have not made it clear they are online can be very irritating, so please avoid doing this.
  6. Do not ask for staff ranks. Anyone doing so will simply be told to wait for our Helper applications when they open. We do not make anyone a staff member without them going through the application process first.

Rule 8
Respect other players’ builds and spaces

Many of our players like to build big, and require lots of space around them to do so. When you are seeking a place to start building, it is a good idea to make sure you are not intruding on anyone’s space. Check within a 100 block radius that there is no one building nearby.

  1. Do not build close to other players without asking them if it’s okay first.
  2. If you are visiting someone and they ask you to leave, you must do so immediately.
  3. Don’t grief or steal from other players (see rule 2).
  4. Don’t break other player’s crops or kill their farm animals unless you are helping to maintain their farms.
  5. Respect all the rules that are given in any towns you are a member of.
  6. Make sure you follow all the written rules at the public farms.

Rule 9
Beware of sharing your account

You take responsibility for everything that happens on your account. Make sure you take the right precautions to ensure no one else gets access to your account. Giving other people access to your account means you are liable for anything that happens.

  1. If you share your account with another player (such as a sibling or friend) who does not abide by our rules, we may ban your account.
  2. If your account has been hacked, you must do everything you can to get it back in your possession. Staff are able to assist with this if needed.
  3. Staff will not transfer data from one account to another if a player has lost access to the original account.

Rule 10
Obey signs and written instructions

In order to keep things fair for everyone, most farms and other areas on Diversity have a set of rules or instructions you must read before using the facility. Please make sure you read all information shared with you in public areas.

  1. Pay attention to ALL signs and instructions. You never know when you’re missing out on important information.
  2. Anything written on a sign or holographic text only applies in the area the information is displayed.
  3. All instructions must be within reason and not go against any of our rules.

Rule 11
Respect your ban

Players who are banned from the server are not allowed to attempt to get on the server or continue communicating with the community until their ban is over. The only place we accept messages from a banned player is through the Ban Appeals forum; you are free to discuss your ban here in a civil manner with the staff, and only the staff.

  1. Do not use an alternative account to circumvent a ban. Staff are able to see if an account is logging in from the same IP address as a banned player and will ban the alt account instantly.
  2. Using Discord to get around a mute or a ban is not allowed and you will be banned from using that service.
  3. Causing unnecessary drama on any platform after a ban will usually result in a permanent ban.
  4. Create a ban appeal on the forums if you wish to appeal your ban.
  5. Ban appeals will only be considered if you have no denied appeals in the last 6 months.
  6. Have patience with ban appeals as they are not staff’s top priority.