Diversity Minecraft

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Shop District

To Shop:

You can browse by exploring, or you can use the colored wool on the roads and numbered signs to help you locate the plot you are looking for.

The shop district is numbered using a grid pattern. where 201 is shop that is the farthest northwest, and 1312 is the farthest south-east.

Some shops might have better prices than others! Make sure to look around!

To purchase a district plot of your own:

  • You must be level 7
  • You pay a one time fee of 10 diamond blocks
  • Contact a moderator or submit a ticket if no moderators are online. A staff member will assist you with your purchase
  • Once you have purchased your shop, design! You can change the walls, ceiling, floor, and design an attractive front for your shop. There is plenty of space below for additional storage as well, or to get creative with your design.
  • Once your shop has been designed and built, collect the items you intend to sell. Contact a moderator or put in a ticket and a staff member will assist you with setting up shopkeepers. You are limited to two shopkeepers.
  • Trade setup
  • Shops must remain well stocked and active — if you are gone more than 30 days from the server, we will remove your shop to a safe location, to make room for active players and shops. If you return, you may request to have your shop reinstalled in the mall, provided there is an empty space for it. We cannot guarantee you the exact same spot you had before though.
  • Don’t forget to restock your shop regularly! We will contact you if we have complaints that your shop is always out of stock.